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To contact us you could use different methods, some are very easy, some not so easy and some involves a lot of practice and skills in contorsion, voodoo, playing drums and ESP.
But to make it easy for you we here give you some of the ways.

  • Mail. Send a mail to is (A) nfn dot net. All snails will recieve your message.
  • IRC. Use your favourite IRC client and connect to a QuakeNet server and join our channel, #snails.
  • ICQ. Search for a snail, find his number, message the bastard!
  • Beer. Make a small hole in the ground. Put a cup of beer in it. Wait a day and some of us will be in it. It might kill us by drowning so check often.

A bit more tricky:

  • Visit us in Sweden. Fly to Arlanda, take the train to Stockholm, continue with the subway to T-Centralen, get up to "Plattan" and talk to some of the guys there and say you want to visit "the Snails"


  • Learn how to communicate with ESP, connect with a random snail.

Very hard:

  • Invent a teleporter, make two of them, send one to us, enter your teleporter.

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