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Nick: Vend[iS]
Age: 29
Size: very small
Shell: A new teflonshell with shiny spikes =)
Color: a bluish shade of gravel
Icecream: strawberry
Misc: Founder and one of the smallest snails

Nick: Semp[iS]
Age: 27
Size: medium
Shell: Teflon shell, a bit broken on the top
Color: greyish
Icecream: icecreamboat
Misc: This snail found love in the ak47

Nick: Soft[iS]
Age: 28
Size: microsmall
Shell: Disco shell with glow-in-the-dark details
Color: Norrlandsblå (please dont ask =)
Icecream: TT (Softis thinks it is an ice cream)
Misc: our codesnail, also very skilled with the tv-remote

Nick: sNUTTEFILt[iS]
Age: 31
Size: tiny and flat
Shell: Soft and sweet cotton shell
Color: lightblue
Icecream: Lakrits puck
Misc: I love my caaaaab

Nick: copy[iS]
Age: 24
Size: small but heavy
Shell: Ironshell, with an aluminumsprint..DONT REMOVE!
Color: greyish green
Icecream: piggelin
Misc: Our strangest'll never learn how he plays

Nick: Dump[iS]
Age: 29
Size: oval
Shell: omg.. a dog took a dump on him!
Color: blue
Icecream: lakritspuck
Misc: Became a father to a really small snail recently.

Nick: dr_K[iS]
Age: 30
Size: big
Shell: Armour coated shell, with the red cross and light
Color: a pale shade of pink
Icecream: coffee
Misc: _I´m getting too old for this shit_

Nick: Rocco[iS]
Age: 24
Size: squarish
Shell: Nipple shaped titanium shell
Color: butt pink
Icecream: dajm!
Misc: you want pr0n? rocco has it

Nick: g8[iS]
Age: 19
Size: tiny particle
Shell: found in the corner pocket at some bar..
Color: snorfärgat
Icecream: spirello
Misc: two way communication?

Nick: Hawk[iS]
Age: 19
Size: half
Shell: Basic shell, his own hasnt arrived yet
Color: a mix between shockgrey, blue and white (?)
Icecream: Do they have icecream in the air?
Misc: Dont take his feathers!

Nick: Bojangl[iS]
Age: 26
Size: medium-rare
Shell: nature friendly shell colored with flowers and a peace sign.
Color: babyblue
Icecream: half melted sandwich
Misc: Where is b1?

Nick: klaDd[iS]
Age: 20
Size: Teenyweeny
Shell: still to be uncovered
Color: Darkish blue, as his blood
Icecream: frozen goo on a stick
Misc: the snail rookie

Nick: gos[iS]
Age: 22
Size: smallmediumlarge
Shell: still to be ordered
Color: redgreenbulewhite-mix
Icecream: frozen water aka ice
Misc: a real fluffy thingy

Nick: beb[iS]
Age: 0
Size: tiny
Shell: a cute blanket
Color: pink
Icecream: not yet!! only milk..
Misc: The cutest snail we ever seen

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